Bauhinia Candida- white kachnar:

Family: Bauhinia Candida belongs to the Legumes family.

Common Name: Bauhinia candida is commonly known as white kachnar in Hindi or the white orchid tree in English.

Flowering period: The tree flowers in a mild winter climate, usually from the months of January to April.

Habitat: White kachnar is native to India and is well-suited to its climate.

Uses: Since the tree is not very common and rarely grows naturally without human intervention, its medicinal uses are not well known.

Key features: White kachnar is a very rare deciduous species. The tree usually grows 20 to 35 feet tall and can live from 40 to as long as 150 years. It has a low canopy and a rounded or spreaded shape. The tree has two lobed light green leaves and dark gray rough or scaly bark. It also has fragrant white bisexual flowers that bloom in a mild winter climate.