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Welcome to Trees of NMS

Trees of NMS is an initiative by Ananya Singh Solanki and Nirmal Pathak to educate our communities about the importance of trees and the need to conserve biodiversity for a sustainable future. It brings environmental sustainability to the forefront of daily conversation. Taking the abstract and decontextualized dialogue of preserving the environment towards a more concrete direction, the project intends to transform reality through knowledge-building, awareness, and action.

“Trees of NMS '' has achieved the goal of environmental preservation by making seemingly obscure information about trees easily accessible.The initiative aims to make important information about trees – their botanical name and properties – easily accessible. For this purpose, the trees on the NMS School campus have been digitized with unique QR codes which have been placed next to each tree.

All one has to do is scan the code and attain all the information on a particular tree.

QR codes on trees satisfy curiosity by providing important tree related information such as botanical, local names and medicinal properties that greatly benefit researchers and students. This intervention has led to a positive impact on the quality of conversations taking place about nature within the school. It has successfully transformed the passive relationship most people have with nature into an active one, where natural heritage is approached with curiosity and comprehension.

Social Impact: As stated before, ecological programs are fairly abstract, and inaccessible to many of the general public, with a tendency to focus on abstract ideals, and less on implementation and praxis. This is due to access to information being limited to academic and professional circles that are more oriented towards the goal of preservation, rather than the general public. From a socio-environmental standpoint, we are facilitating and encouraging the engagement between humans, their immediate surroundings and the larger environment.


Provide students and researchers with tree-related knowledge and educate more and more communities about protecting our biodiversity.


Make knowledge-sharing and attaining information about trees easily accessible.

Trees of Name