Grevillea robusta:

Family: Grevillea robusta belongs to the Proteas family.

Common name: It is commonly known as silver oak in english and khajur in Hindi.

Flowering period: The tree flowers from March to May.

Habitat: The tree is native to Australia but grows well in other regions as well. The tree usually grows on mountains but has an adaptive nature.

Uses: The flowers are rich in nectar, which is directly consumed by some aboriginal tribes in Africa. In the North Garo Hills of Meghalaya, the bark and leaves of this tree are used to treat headaches and dizziness. The wood of the tree is used for joinery, cabinetry and panelling and is sometimes also used as a fuel. The leaves are used to make yellow and green dye, used for dyeing silk.

Key features: Khajur is a handsomely straight evergreen tree which can grow 10-25m tall. The leaves are 15-33cm long with 7-19 leaflets each. The upper surface of these leaves is olive green while the lower surface is silver grey and has silky hair on it. The flowers of this tree appear either solitary or in groups of 2 or three flowers each. The flowers are yellow in colour and are clustered on a spike, after which they turn into tadpole-like fruits. The tree has a long and conical canopy with branches radiating horizontally from the bark, which has deep vertical fissures. The tree usually grows on mountains but has an adaptive nature.