Neem (Azadirachta Indica):

Family: The Neem tree is a part of the mahogany family.

Common Name: Azadirachta indica is commonly known as the Neem tree in India.

Flowering period: Neem flowers from January to May, in the season of spring.

Habitat: The tree is native to India and well-suited to different types of Indian climates.

Uses: The Neem tree is used to treat a wide variety of ailments - from dandruff and sore eyes to skin disorders. Neem is also known to improve immunity and heal wounds. The twigs of the Neem tree are still used as make-do toothbrushes in rural India. Neem oil acts as a mosquito repellent and Neem leaves have antibacterial properties that help in the treatment of infections.

Key features: Neem usually grows around 15 to 30 metres tall. The tree has attractive rounded crowns and thick furrowed barks. Despite being evergreen, the Neem tree sometimes sheds leaves during droughts. It has small fragrant white flowers that are bisexual in nature. The flowers are the only part of the neem tree that aren’t bitter in taste. The tree is usually propagated using cuttings of the stem or the roots.