Bauhinia blakeana (kachnar)-

Family: Bauhinia blakeana belongs to the Legumes family.

Common names: It is commonly known as Kachnar or the Hong Kong Orchid.

Flowering period: The tree flowers in the months of September and October.

Habitat: The tree is native to Hong Kong but can adapt to various climates.

Uses: Since this tree is a sterile hybrid, it is rarely propagated and its uses are not well known.

Key features: Bauhinia blakeana is a hybrid leguminous tree. The tree is called the Hong Kong orchid because it originated in Hong Kong and appears on Hong Kong’s coat of arms, its flag as well as its coins. The tree has large thick leaves with a heart or butterfly-like shape. The leaves of this tree are regarded as a symbol of wisdom in Hong Kong, which is why they are used as bookmarks and good luck charms. Bauhinia also has striking purplish red orchid-like flowers. Since the tree is a hybrid, it is sterile but can be propagated through processes like grafting, cutting, and air-layering.