Champa- plumeria alba:

Family: Plumeria alba belongs to the Dogbanes family.

Common names: It is commonly known as Champa or Frangipani.The plant gets its name, Frangipani, from the name of a 16th century Italian nobleman who first made perfume using the Champa flowers.

Flowering period: Champa flowers in the summer season.

Habitat: The tree flourishes in well-drained soils and is found only in the well-irrigated areas of Rajasthan.

Uses: The root bark of the tree is used to treat diseases like Syphilis and Herpes whereas the latex is used to treat ulcers and skin diseases. The flowers of the tree help in reducing chest coughs and the seeds treat dysentery. The oil of the flower, apart from having some medicinal uses, is also used extensively in making perfumes. The flowers are used as decoration in many religious and social ceremonies.

Key features: Champa is an evergreen tree or shrub shaped like a vase. The tree usually grows 3-8m tall and is stout, with soft and brittle erect branches. Champa is a slow growing plant that has crowded spreading leaves. The tree flowers at a young age and the flowers are fragrant and white. These flowers arrange themselves in neat and beautiful clusters, which is why Champa is planted mostly as an ornamental tree.